About Us

Vertical Management Systems, Inc. (VMS) has been providing innovative technologies to the Financial Services industry since 1992. The company specializes in designing, building and hosting a variety of Securities Movement and Control systems that are used by large financial service firms in the U.S. VMS’s team is considered by many to be the country’s top thought leaders in processing, controlling and accounting for, mutual fund assets in particular.

VMS currently has systems operating in production that perform the following front and/or back-office accounting tasks:

Mutual fund, money market, equity and ETF trade execution and settlement
Cash movement and control
Transaction reconciliation
Position reconciliation
Income and corporate action collection, balancing, allocation and recording
Mutual fund trailer fee collection, balancing, allocation and reporting
Asset allocation tools
Plan-level and/or pooled fund account unitization and NAV publication, including fully electronic stock record capabilities
Web-based account and transaction reporting
Custodial account integration with securities depositories and/or intermediaries such DTCC, DST, Sungard STN, DFA, Barclays and many others
Account aggregation and reporting

VMS’s technology processes assets in excess of $600B for firms like Wells Fargo Bank, SEI Investments, Ascensus, The Standard and many others.